1977 Jaguar XJC V12

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1977 Jaguar XJC V12  

We are delighted to be able to offer this very low mileage Jaguar XJC V12 for sale.

The two door pillar-less XJ coupe “XJC” was introduced at the London Motor Show in October 1973 but did not go into production until the end of 1974 with a small number of V12’s produced that year (11 in total in 1974)

Only 1,855 V12 versions were ever produced between 1974 and 1978 when production of the XJC ceased.

The XJC is based on the short wheel version of the XJ6 / XJ12 with lengthened front doors from the original XJ series which is clearly visible when the inner door card is removed. The labour intensive work required modifying the saloon body which resulted in a higher production/sales price as the four door version and the unfolding economic troubles resulted in a very short run of this model.

All coupes came with a vinyl roof as standard. Since the coupe lacked the B-pillars the roof would flex enough to develop cracks due to the paint used by Jaguar at that time. Today’s more modern paints do not develop this problem and most repainted cars have the vinyl roof removed.

The car on offer here was built in June 1977 and was apparently one of three cars bought by the first owner, Mr Everett. This particular car was registered for the first time in 1979 for the purpose to drive the car to Worthing where it received the Ziebart Rustproofing. After that treatment the car was again laid up until it was sold in 1997 to Mr. J.C. Jorgensen with only 270 recorded miles – the first MOT certificate dated the 16th of October 1997 shows 289 recorded miles.

We assume that under his ownership the car received a re-spray and a change of colour from the original Chestnut Brown to a British Racing Green; he also removed the vinyl roof and got additional rustproofing done by JD Classics in November 1997.

In December 2000 Mr J.C. Jorgensen entered the car into the Bonhams Auction where it changed ownership to Mr. Truscott who owned the car until the end of 2004 when he in turn sold the car to Mr. Wasserzier in Germany.

In his time of ownership Mr. Wasserzier invested considerable time and money in the car, besides refitting the vinyl roof he got the front and back window removed and any rust affected areas repaired and treated and refitted the glass with new seals. A new head lining and new carpets were fitted and the rear seat received new foam. At this time the floors were cleaned and repainted.

Since we have the car here we freshened up the paint on both sills to deal with some stone chip issues as well as applying new paint to the boot floor. We fitted two new tanks and did a general service with all fluids and filters. A worn gearbox mounting as well as some track rod ends were in need of change and finally we applied a good layer of Mike Sanders rustproofing to the underside of the car and the wheel arches

We have seen many of these cars and have restored a few of them but this is no doubt one of the best we have ever seen.

The car comes with a comprehensive history file which include a Ziebart Vehicle Rustproofing certificate dated the 24th of January 1979, two Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust certificate dated the 4th of June 1998 and the 18th of December 2000. A hand written note from Mr Everett confirming the mileage and MOT test certificates dating:

16th October 1997                            289 miles

14th January 1999                             8,028 miles

27th November 2000                        13,700 miles

26th November 2001                        15,852 miles

15th February 2003                           16,498 miles

17th October 2003                            16,498 miles

15th October 2004                            16,882 miles

A German TÜV test certificate dated the 18th of November 2004 verifying 17,872 miles

The milometer currently reads 23,297 miles

Invoices confirming work carried out over the years on the car as well as original brochures, an operating, maintenance and service Handbook, some wiring diagrams and maintenance charts and some correspondence from previous owners as well as the original Bonhams Auction catalogue from December 2000.

The asking price for this car is €39,650 (approximately £ 35,000) but we are open to offers close to this amount.

If you have further questions about the car or like to arrange an inspection please contact us here at Pristine Classics.


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